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The annual China PACKCON Expo will be grandly opened in Dongguan on July 22~24, 2020! This is an extremely influential display platform for the packaging container industry, and also an opportunity for communication and professionalism in the packaging industry! Let’s meet in the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, and enjoy the Expo feast!

“NEWTOP-228S horizontal type high speed intelligent paper cup machine adopts integrated layout on upper-side and lower-side of the table. The mold forming part is installed on the table, while the forming process is distributed around three independently driven turrets which are set in the way of 4-7-7 configuration. The main drive section under the table is connected by globoidal indexing cams and gears. The transmission parts are in a sealed-case and lubricated by spraying. The machine is controlled by PLC, the whole process is monitored by photoelectric sensors, feeding by sevro. The capacity of this horizontal type high speed intelligent paper cup machine is high up to 230pcs/min(stable speed), which totally reaches the design requirement. ”

In this exhibition, Newtop company will publicly display the NEWTOP-228S horizontal high speed intelligent paper cup machine for the first time, showing the new height of Newtop who constantly surpassing itself. Please believe that under the new speed, the eternal constant is still our “quality of craftsmanship”!

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