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Mechanical Quality Guarantee
1.Mechanical parts are guaranteed for 5 years, electrical parts and vulnerable parts are guaranteed for 1 year.
2.All parts on forming table are easy to access for maintenance.
3.All parts under forming table are lubricated by oil bath. Oil should be changed every 4-6 months with specified oil.

Production Efficiency
1.Production output up to 66,240 cups per shift (8 hours), up to 5.06 million cups per month (3 shifts);
2.Percentage of pass is higher than 99% under normal production;
3.One operator can handle several machines at the same time.

Mechanical Behavior
NEWTOP-FW125S is good for making 10-45oz paper cups, and the production speed can reach up to 138pcs/min.NewTop is a innovative paper cup machin manufacturer utilize servo to make the machine more stable and smarter.

Remark: the actual production capacity is affected by various of factors and the data above is only for reference.

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