What causes cup rim broken and bottom leakage?

A well lubrication and maintenance of machine parts is a must for keeping machine in good performance. The temperature control of the heaters should be carefully set according to the product size and material character, if temperature is too high, it will cause rim broken and  bottom leakage.

The bottom knurling device is the most problem giving part in the paper cup machine. This device is one of the important parts, if the knurling pressure is over adjusted, it will wear and will have shorter life. For those machines with ultrasonic welding for side seam, must pay attention on the working frequency. It also need to pay attention on the contact surfaces, it must be evenly with proper pressure.

For the manual lubrication parts of machine, a proper lubrication schedule should be made; the lubrication system must do the regular oil refill, regular oil changing and regular cleaning.

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