Paper Cup Rim Flattening Machine

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Mechanical properties

NEWTOP-YB150 paper cup rim flattening machine adopts tabletop layout, which isolates the flattening parts and transmission parts. All the transmission parts are installed in the main frame under the table and lubricated by grease with intermittent supply automatically. The upper devices are positioned around the indexing turret based on the forming process.   The machine is controlled by PLC, the whole process is monitored by photoelectric sensors. This machine is good for flattening Ø60 - Ø120mm paper cup rim.

Model NewTop-YB150
Weight 1200 kg
Size(LxWxH) 1600x1500x2350mm
Total power Three-phase, 380V, 6.5KW
Air supply requirement 0.4MPa、0.2m³/min
Capacity 80-120pcs/min
Product range

(D1) φ60-120mm  (H) φ60-135mm

(D1) φ50-75mm  (h) φ5-12mm