Paper Cup Encasing Machine

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Mechanical properties

NEWTOP-DK500 paper cup encasing machine has functions of paper cup auto-feeding, cup bags quantity identification, carton feeding and discharging. It can be linked up to 4 paper cup machines and 1 packing machine as an automatic production line. The lifting height can be adjusted according to the diameter of the paper cup and the carton size. It is an ideal machine for automation.

Model NEWTOP-DK500
Weight 550 kg
Size(LxWxH) 1800x1600x2000mm
Total power Three-phase, 220V, 2KW
Air supply requirement 0.4MPa、0.5m³/min
Packing speed 30Cartons/Hr
Carton specification 500*400*700mm
Packing diameter φ60-95mm(cup)φ95-150mm(bowl)