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Mechanical properties

NewTop-DXD110/150/200 series of automatic paper cup/bowl packing machine have functions of automatic film feeding, playing vents, color tracking, single and double row packaging. it can be online with multiple (up to 4) paper cup machines as automatic production line  And it also can automatically adjust length of the film according to size of the paper cup. After it packs paper cups, it can automatically classify. If you install ink-jet printer on this machine, you can sprinkle production date, type number, batch number and serial number. It is the best choice to instead of labor!


Remark: the actual production capacity is affected by various of factors and the data above is only for reference.


Model NewTop-DXD110 NewTop-DXD150 NewTop-DXD200
Weight 700 kg 700 kg 700 kg
Size(LxWxH) 1800x1700x2000mm 1800x1700x2000mm 1800x1700x2000mm
Total power Three-phase 220V、5KW Three-phase 220V、5KW Three-phase 220V、4.5KW
Air supply requirement 0.4MPa、0.5m³/min 0.4MPa、0.5m³/min 0.4MPa、0.5m³/min
Packing speed

2 station: 15 bags/min

4 station: 12 bags/min

2 station: 15 bags/min

4 station: 12 bags/min

2 station: 12 bags/min

4 station: 10 bags/min

Packing film specification HDPE.LDPE HDPE.LDPE HDPE.LDPE
Packing film thickness 15um-50um 15um-50um 15um-50um
Packing length 250-650mm 250-650mm 250-500mm
Packing diameter φ60-110mm φ110-150mm φ150-200mm