• 04 August

    Company News | Meng Xiaobin, the County Magistrate of Pingyang County, Visited the New Debao New Industrial Park for Inspection and Guidance

    On July 28, 2022, Meng Xiaobin, the governor of Pingyang County, and his party visited the New Debao New Industrial Park for inspection and guidance. Under the leadership of Chairman Dai Daojin, The mayor of Meng County and his party visited the production area on the first floor of the workshop, the assembly and debugging area on the second floor, and the supporting equipment areas such as high speed machines, cartoning machines and packaging machines on the third floor. Chairman Dai introduced in detail the production situation and management mode of the New Debao New Industrial Park, and the mayor of Meng County spoke highly of the effective implementation of the 5S management of the New Debao, and the digital factory created was also eye-catching!

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