• 15 June

    Company News | The mayor of Aojiang Town brought a delegation to visit New Debao New Industrial Park

    On the afternoon of June 10, 2022, the mayor of Aojiang Town led more than 40 entrepreneurs from Aojiang Town to visit New Debao New Industrial Park, and the chairman of the company, Dai Daojin, warmly received.

    Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Chairman Dai introduced several main equipment and machines to Mayor Yang and the delegation, observed the operation of the paper cup machine and the production process of paper cups, and then shared the practices and experience of lean production management. In New Debao, the concept of lean production management has gradually penetrated into the management of various departments in the workshop. By changing the behavior of employees, it ensures that all employees actively participate in improvement, arrange materials in an orderly manner, improve efficiency and reduce waste.

    Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd.

    In the end, the members of the delegation expressed their praise for the existing achievements of New Debao, and they will also reasonably apply the management mode and development concept learned in New Debao to their own enterprises! The visit of the delegation also made us more motivated and confident to create a bright future for New Debao, and we will go further!