• 10 October

    New Debao 2017 Tenth Army Committee Held a Grand Inauguration Ceremony

    "Today we solemnly swear: in the midst of the future work, we in line with the attitude of the heart to speak, to do things with love and unite as one, go all out to lead all family, building up a harmonious and harmonious new debao family!" Impassioned vows echoed in every corner of the new debao company. On February 27, 2017, 2017 new debao tenth army committee held a grand inauguration ceremony. First of all, the committee team came to power in 2016 class do annual work summary. Serious, responsible, full of love Then, the new debao Cai Xiuping speech, dean of school of business, certainly the last big class committee efforts and achievements, and announced the vote for the new army of committee members. With the passionate music, the new army committee team one by one on stage, the 10th, the new army of total eagle Wang Huzhi peak published his inaugural speech, then led a new large committee do oath. Passion, pay, have bear Finally, the new debao chairman put Mr Dawkins on stage: "army committee is the traditional culture of the new debao company, we will always live on and hope the new army committee team is doing better". Zhejiang new debao machinery co., LTD. Is a teaching model enterprise, set up new debao business school, is committed to building leadership tutor, gabel, action forces of modern organizations. New debao families will reach into the bone marrow, experiencing the force of the enterprise culture, to "I am mentally to build the world's highest quality intelligent paper cup machine" sacred mission and proud!