• 11 October

    News Letter | Newtop Company Conducted Fire Drills for 2020

    Autumn is a period of high fire risk. In order to spread the knowledge of fire safety and implement the company's fire safety management, on October 10, Newtop organized and carried out a training and drill for all department managers and employees to promote their acknowledge of production safety. 

    In the production workshop, the preaching tightly adhered to the theme of "eliminating accident hazards and building a strong safety line of defense", and popularized safety knowledge to the employees by means of on-site explanation.

    In the fire training lectures followed, the staff gave warning education from the aspect of fire accident characterization, accountability and so on, explaining the use of firefighting facilities and emergency treatment to enhance the safety awareness of employees and their ability of self-examination and self-correction of hidden dangers.

    Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Finally, the company conducted fire safety emergency drills on site, which not only enhanced the staff's fire awareness, but also let them master the operation of powder fire extinguishers, fire hose and a series of fire fighting supplies, further enhancing the staff's emergency handling ability.

    Safety is no trivial matter, and safety is the most important of all work. We hope that all employees can establish the awareness of fire safety, so that the alarm can be sounded before it is too late.