• 02 December

    Employee Care | New Debao Carries Out Employees' Occupational Disease Physical Examination and Supports Employees' Health Protection Umbrella

    At 9:00 a.m. on December 1, the company carried out the annual occupational disease health checkup to protect the health of employees. This time, four departments participated in the medical checkup, including one department of intellectual property, two departments of intellectual property, mold processing department, and the material control center, with a total of 84 employees. Under the arrangement of the responsible personnel of the Administration Department, the employees of each department came to the medical checkup site in an orderly manner for checkup.

    Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Occupational diseases refer to the diseases caused by the exposure of workers to factors such as dust, radioactive substances and other toxic and hazardous substances in their occupational activities. China's occupational diseases present five major characteristics, which are: 1) the number of people exposed to occupational disease hazards is large, and the number of illnesses is large; 2) occupational disease hazards are widely distributed in the industry, and small and medium-sized enterprises are seriously jeopardized; 3) occupational disease hazards are highly mobile and the transfer of hazards is serious; 4) occupational diseases are characterized by invisibility and delayed-onset, and the hazards are often neglected; and 5) occupational diseases and hazards cause huge economic losses, and have a long-lasting impact. Therefore, it is urgent to strengthen the prevention of occupational diseases and protection of employees' health.

    The company has always attached great importance to the health of employees, every year will give employees a free physical examination for occupational diseases to prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases. This occupational disease physical examination is entrusted by the company to a professional occupational disease protection organization to carry out, our employees can carry out various occupational disease examinations under the guidance of the organization's professional medical personnel. In this medical checkup, our employees will not only receive ordinary physical tests, but also tests for occupational diseases, such as dust and noise.

    Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd.

    After the physical examination, the company also prepared snacks to replenish energy for everyone, and the employees in each position were quickly put into their respective work. The company will also continue to pay attention to the health condition of employees and provide relevant preventive and protection measures in time. We will also actively cooperate with the related occupational disease prevention and control work to effectively reduce the incidence of occupational diseases. The protection of employees' body is the premise of efficient production of the enterprise, New Depot will strengthen employee care, provide more welfare protection, and create a cozier enterprise environment for every employee!

    Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd.