• 14 November

    Company News | New Debao's "Strong Foundation, Stable Quality" Quality Month Activity Successfully Concluded!

    On September 1, 2023, General Manager Dai Hongan officially launched the Quality Month activities. Under the leadership and guidance of General Manager Dai Hongan, the Quality Department, together with other departments, carried out a series of activities related to Quality Month. This activity has been strongly supported by the leadership of the company's various departments, and the organization of the staff actively responded to participate in the November 1, a two-month quality month activities ended successfully, but also emerged a number of outstanding individuals and teams, for the company's quality of the development of advice and implementation of the implementation of the implementation of the strengthened teamwork at the same time to promote the company's high-quality development!

    November 6 morning meeting and quality month activities award ceremony, the company's general manager Dai Hongan for the following members of the award-winning awards as a sign of encouragement. The award-winning members are as follows:


    Quality Benchmarking Team

    First prize: Zhang Anfei, Wang Guoqiang, Chen Yucong

    Second prize: Huang Xiaolei

    Third prize: Liu Shaojun, Yang Hu, Xu Xinren, Hong Chengming, Peng Meng

    Third prize: Yu Jian, Zhou Dan, Wu Chun, Zhu Xueping


    Quality Knowledge Contest

    First prize: He Liang

    Second prize: Wang Jiahao, Huang Chengjin

    Third prize: Yang Hu, Xu Wei, Wu Haihui


    Quality Month Essay

    First prize: Liu Yaru

    Second prize:Yan Liu, Zhihao Yang

    Third prize:Yang Hu, Zhu Mingji, Qian Ming

     Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Quality improvement is not a moment, but a continuous and long-term process. In the process of quality improvement, we should be good at discovering problems and formulate improvement programs in time, prevent problems that may occur in the production process in advance, and provide feedback to solve the problems that have already arisen in the actual work in the first time, so as to effectively form a closed-loop improvement work. Each employee's one improvement initiative can promote the production efficiency of the product, save the company's production costs, increase the company's production efficiency! New Debao people focus on quality, refinement of the operation, will make unremitting efforts to create higher quality paper cup machine!

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