• 03 November

    Company News | Warmly Congratulate New Debao was Selected in the List of Zhejiang Province Manufacturing Single Champion Cultivation Enterprises

    Recently, the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Zhejiang Province announced the list of 2023 Zhejiang Manufacturing Single Champion Cultivation Enterprises, in which New Debao was listed. Zhejiang provincial government attaches great importance to the cultivation of individual champions, and vigorously cultivate individual champion enterprises. Each city and county (city and district) should cultivate single champion enterprises, make a list, cultivate accurately, establish a single champion cultivation release mechanism, and form a good situation of learning to catch up.

     Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturing single champion enterprises refers to the long-term focus on the manufacturing industry in some specific segments of the product market, production technology or process of international leadership, single product market share among the world's top enterprises. Li Min, deputy director of the provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, talked about in the press conference on the cultivation and construction of manufacturing single champions in Zhejiang Province in 2021 that the cultivation of single champions in our province is mainly characterized by four aspects:

    First, focus on the main industry, intensive cultivation. Single champion enterprises in our province started an average of more than 22 years of history, the main product sales revenue accounted for an average of more than 80% of the proportion of the enterprise's main business income, the international market share of an average of about 20%, more than half of the enterprise's product market share ranked first in the world, the market leadership position is obvious.

    Secondly, they are innovation-driven and benefit-leading. Nearly 90% of the single champion enterprises have established R&D institutions such as provincial-level or above enterprise technology centers, and the average R&D investment intensity is more than 5%, which is twice as much as that of the above industrial enterprises. At the same time, the operation is stable and leading in benefits, with profit margins averaging more than 10%.

    Third, digital leadership, intelligence first. Among the single champion enterprises, 42 of them have undertaken the national pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing, new model application projects or have been recognized as provincial digital workshop, intelligent factory, future factory.

    Fourth, the strong chain bear, forging long board. The single champions focus on intelligent equipment, digital security, new materials, modern textiles and other fields, and are a strong support force for the construction of the three scientific and technological innovation highlands and the global advanced manufacturing base in our province.

    New Debao has been deeply engaged in the field of paper cup machine for 23 years, combined with contemporary intelligent manufacturing technology, and in the context of the era of Industry 4.0, we have been overcoming difficulties and continuing to build a digital workshop. With strong support from the government, we are gradually growing our talent team in order to better utilize our sophisticated processing, R&D, testing and other equipment, innovate and upgrade our R&D products, and increase the market share of our products. Scientific research is the first productive force, we will increase investment in research and development, continue to take the road of digitalization and intelligent development, and make unremitting efforts to promote social and economic development!

    Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd.