• 20 March

    Company News | New Debao Selected for 2023 Production Mode Transformation Demonstration Project Plan List

    It is reported that the production and manufacturing mode transformation demonstration project plan is a major initiative launched by our province last year, focusing on the ten iconic industrial chains and highlighting the concept of green development. Among them, the direction of digitalization (intelligent) and high-end (service-oriented manufacturing) adopts "regional+project list" allocation, while the direction of greening (energy conservation and carbon reduction) adopts "factor method+project list" allocation, and uses competitive selection methods to support a group of intelligent The demonstration project of green and service-oriented manufacturing guides enterprises to accelerate the transformation of manufacturing methods in the manufacturing industry, and supports the creation of "factories of the future". Recently, the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology announced the list of 2023 production and manufacturing mode transformation demonstration projects, among which New Debao's "Paper Products Whole Industry Chain Intelligent Manufacturing Service Industrial Park Technical Transformation Project" was listed.

    The "Technical Transformation Project of Intelligent Manufacturing Service Industrial Park for the Whole Paper Product Industry Chain" adopts lean production mode and factory automation conceptual design, utilizes existing plants, adopts intelligent equipment, builds intelligent production lines, and key component binding and other professional field system software, achieving information coverage throughout the entire process from product development and design, on-site manufacturing execution, to customer product delivery, creating a full business A modern intelligent factory covering the entire process. In the future, New Debao will continue to comprehensively improve the manufacturing capacity and intelligent level of the enterprise, accelerate the transformation of production and manufacturing methods, and lead model innovation and the development of emerging business forms!

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