• 24 December

    Company News | Safety and Epidemic Prevention, Stand on the Last Shift of the Year

    At present, the new crown virus is still mutating, the global epidemic is still in an epidemic situation, and new domestic epidemics are constantly emerging. Facing the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, we must strengthen the safety protection of individuals.

    On how to do a good job in personal protection, Academician Zhong Nanshan gave 8 suggestions.

     (1) Strengthen protection (wearing masks, keeping distance, reducing public gathering, etc.);

    (2) should not be afraid of infection;

    (3) Most infected people do not need to go to the hospital;

    (4) Pay attention to antigen testing at home;

    (5) If the fever persists, you must go to the hospital;

    (6) The elderly with general chronic diseases should also be vaccinated;

    (7) There is not much need to hoard medicine;

    (8) "New use of old drugs" should be strictly tested.

    On the occasion of the winter solstice festival, the company wishes all employees a happy holiday, and at the same time sends sincere condolences to every front-line employee who still sticks to their posts. As 2022 draws to an end, I hope that all New Debao family members will stand on the last shift of the year under the premise of safety protection, protect the health and safety of individuals and families, and implement the deployment and requirements of epidemic prevention and control. Fight the epidemic together, unite as one, watch over each other, and fight the epidemic together!