• 03 December

    Employee Care | New Debao held parent-child activities to make employees feel warm and happy

    On November 28th, under the careful arrangement of Cai Xiuping, the dean of the company's business school, New Debao welcomed a group of cute little guys to participate in this employee parent-child activity.

    The event took place in the buffet area on the first floor, and the arrival of children made the quiet corner of the restaurant lively in an instant. Coming to usher in the Year of the Rabbit in 2023, Mr. Cai also intimately prepared rabbit earrings for the little ones, and the cute treasures wearing earrings are very similar to clever little rabbits, which are very cute. 

    Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd.

    The first activity is paint painting, and every child is an artist and immediately plunges into creation. Completed paintings, as well as intense and intense tug-of-war team competitions and bungee rope individual competitions. Friends of all ages were eager to try, and Mr. Cai, who loved him, also accompanied the children throughout the process, cheering for them, laughing and laughing at the scene, and everyone was full of happiness. The happy time is always so short, the children return with a full load of gifts, and the event comes to an end. 

    Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Since its establishment, New Debao Business School has not only promoted the company's core culture, but also held many personal improvement training courses and training activities to strengthen team cohesion for employees from the perspective of the company's employees. Our staff come from all over the world, and due to busy work, they may often miss children's activities, and this event brings small families together here to enhance parent-child interaction. New Debao is a big family, composed of every small family, only when the small family is strong, everyone can be stronger!

    Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd.