• 03 December

    Company News | New Debao was Awarded as Wenzhou Municipal Industrial Design Center Enterprise

    On November 24, 2022, the Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology issued a public announcement on the list of Wenzhou municipal industrial design centers to be recognized in 2022, and New Debao was among them.

    Industrial design is an integrated innovation activity that takes industrial products as the main object, comprehensively uses scientific and technological achievements and social, economic, cultural, aesthetic and other knowledge, and integrates and optimizes the function, structure, form and packaging of products, which is a highly value-added link in the industrial chain and an important way and carrier for enterprise and industrial innovation. New Debao has always paid attention to innovation and research and development, and many products have obtained utility model patents and appearance patents. The cultural declaration of "innovation and intelligence" has penetrated into the work of every New Debao person, and we continue to introduce excellent industrial design talents, optimize all aspects of paper cup machines and other equipment to promote the development of enterprises, and also promote local industrial innovation.

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