• 21 October

    Company News | The New Debao will "Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency" into Practice

    In lean production, through project improvement, the New Debao has brought about an increase in work efficiency per unit of working time, and has relatively reduced the production cost of each product unit. Reduce costs and increase efficiency.

    On the road to building a digital factory, we also put the cost reduction and efficiency improvement into practice, and improve the quality of the paper cup machine. Our horizontal high-speed intelligent paper cup machine backing paper in the exhaustion, need to consume 5 minutes to stop replace, in order to shorten the auxiliary man-hours, improve the efficiency of equipment operation, electrical automation design department engineer Li Chao and high-speed machine debugging supervisor Huang Zhan, through the optimization of the servo system, to solve the high-speed machine liner automatic docking problem.

    Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd.

    The previous horizontal high-speed intelligent paper cup machine servo system is only two curves, "stop" and "run", now the two pieces of film with tape connected end to end, in order to ensure accurate cutting at the rubber joint joint, the servo system is divided into 4 curves: 1. stop; 2. normal operation; 3. Row fittings; 4. Calculated compensation. The servo system runs normally until the color mark photoelectric senses the joint, runs the fourth curve, moves the joint to the cutting edge position, and runs the third curve; The butt is cut and discharged from the bottom paper drain and then functioning normally. The optimization of the servo system by Li Chao engineer and Huang Zhan's supervisor has realized the continuous docking of the liner, replaced the backing paper without stopping, and increased the production capacity by 4%, which is a key breakthrough improvement project.

    Zhejiang New Debao Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Their spirit of overcoming difficulties and daring to innovate is worth learning from all employees, New Debao is committed to the paper cup machine industry for decades, putting product research and development and technology improvement in the first place, while creating higher quality intelligent paper container equipment, but also pay attention to pre-sales and after-sales service, giving customers a perfect experience.