Paper Cup/BOWL sleeve Forming Machine


ico  Mechanical quality warranty

1: 3 year for mechanical spare parts and capacity of one hundred million paper cups, one year for electrical spare parts.

2: Repair rate to adjust machine within one time per day

3: The maintain period to change oil will be after 4-6 months.

ico1  Capacity warranty:

1、24 – hour production is more than 400,000 ,and one month production is more than 4 million;
2、the qualified paper cup rate over 99 percent;
3、one employer be able to operate multiple machines。

Mechanical Behavior

DEBAO-90DT intelligent paper cup jacket machine adopts open-type, intermittent division design, gear drive, longitudinal axis design, so they can reasonably distribute each part function. The whole machine adopts spray lubrication. PLC system controls the whole cups forming process. By adopting photoelectric failure-detecting system and servo control feeding, our machine’s reliable performance is guaranteed, thus offering a rapid and stable operation. The maximum speed can reach 100pcs/min, and it is suit for produce 8-44OZ  cup jacket forming which is widely used in milk-tea cup,coffee cup, ripple cups, noodle bowl and so on

Corrugated Forming part

Intelligence Gluing

3100 kg 3100kg
overall dimensionoverall dimension
2.9x1.4x2.1 /M2.9x1.4x2.1 /M
Electrical powerElectrical power
Air applicationAir application
capacity capacity
(Hollow, corrugated
Hollow, appressed
Double corrugated
single layer corrugated
paper requirementpaper requirement
blank paper blank paper
paper grampaper gram
250-300g/㎡ Molding paper
250-300g/㎡ Molding paper
Paper specifications
Paper specifications
(D1)φ80-140mm (H)50-135mm
(D2)φ50-115mm (h)5-12mm
(D1)φ70-95mm (H)60-135mm
(D2)φ50-75mm (h)5-12mm
paper feeder tablepaper feeder table
control panelcontrol panel
Note: optional
○ standard●

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Combination scheme A

Paper Cup Machine / Paper Bowl
Forming Machine

Paper Cup/ Bowl
Sleeve Forming Machine

Automatic Packaging Machine

Combination scheme B

Paper Cup Machine / Paper Bowl
Forming Machine

Paper Cup/Bowl
Sleeve Forming Machine

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