Medium speed paper cup machine



Mechanical Quality Warranty

  1.  repair rate is less than 1 day 1 time with tools to adjust machine;
  2. kernel machine parts maintenance cycle, 4 to 6 months in lubricating oil 1 times.

ico1  Capacity Warranty:

1: the qualified paper cup rate over 99 percent

2:one employer be able to operate multiple machines

ico2  Mechanical Quality Warranty

Mechanical Behavior

DEBAO – 600 – c type intelligent paper cup machine adopts desktop layout, molding and transmission part of the isolation. To drive a set inside the frame case from behind the scenes, automatic spray lubrication, with vertical shaft transmission structure, bucket cylinder dividing mechanism and gear transmission way; Counter set various forming dies, facilitate cleaning maintenance. Electrical PLC control, photoelectric tracking monitoring, servo feed. Production capacity can reach 80-90 / min.

Transmission Agency Patent No .: ZL 2012 2 0181311.9

Vertical shaft gear drive, cylindrical barrel indexing cam, optimize the internal layout, to ensure the accuracy of the machine transmission, high synchronization performance, so as to achieve coordination between the travel to avoid collision damage parts, make up the chain drive jitter and transmission is not smooth Congenitally deficient.

The overall case structure

The machine enclosure structure design, pouring oil spray lubrication, reduce wear and tear, effective heat dissipation, the machine to run fast. The machine warranty for three years.

Two curling institutions

The first curling with internal expansion of the rotary molding, is conducive to improving the paper forming strength; second curling heating stereotypes, beautiful volume, dimensional stability.

3500 kg 1500kg 3500kg
Packing machine packing specificationsPacking machine packing specificationsPacking machine packing specifications
:3.1x1.6x2.1 (collection table1.23x0.61x1.9)/M
inspection system:3.1x1.6x2.35(collection table 1.23x0.61x1.9)/M
2.5X1.2X1.8(collection table1x0.86x1.7) /M
:2.9x1.6x1.9(collection table1.23x0.61x1.9)/M
inspection system:2.9x1.6x2.3(collection table 1.23x0.61x1.9)/M
Electrical powerElectrical powerElectrical power
three-phase 380V,26KWthree-phase 380V,12KWthree-phase 380V,26KW
Air applicationAir applicationAir application
100-120 pcs/min60-65 pcs/min80-90 pcs/min
Paper specificationsPaper specificationsPaper specifications
single PE/double PESingle/double PE PE
Single/double PE PE
paper weightpaper weightpaper weight
190-380g/m2190-280g/㎡ 模具成型纸张±20g/㎡
210-330g/㎡ 模具成型纸张±20g/㎡
Paper specificationsPaper specificationsPaper specifications
(D1)φ70-95mm (H)50-135mm
(D2)φ40-75mm (h)5-12mm
(D1)φ50-90mm (H)45-135mm
(D2)φ36-60mm (h)4.5-10mm
(D1)φ70-95mm (H)50-135mm
(D2)φ40-75mm (h)5-12mm
bottom heatingbottom heatingbottom heating
Paper deliveryPaper deliveryPaper delivery
control panelcontrol panelcontrol panel
note: optional○ standard●


Combination scheme A

Punching machine

Paper Cup Machin

sleeve Forming Machine

Automatic packaging machine

Combination scheme B

Paper Cup Machin

Automatic Packaging Machine

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